Company Policies


Water Management – On Farm Storage
This policy describes the conditions that apply when individual shareholders/irrigators wish to develop water storage facilities on their farm for storage of water supplied by Opuha Water Limited (OWL).
adobe-pdf-logoWATER MANAGEMENT POLICY_On Farm Storage

adobe-pdf-logoOWL Water Storage Pond Approval Form.v1

Water Management – Water Metering and Telemetry
This policy describes the requirements for water meters to be fitted to all irrigation water takes above 5  l/s on the Opuha scheme.  The policy provides for Opuha Water Limited (OWL) to have timely access to water meter data for operational and water accounting purposes.

adobe-pdf-logoWATER MANAGEMENT POLICY_Water Metering

Water Management – Water Restrictions – Above Dam Irrigators
This policy describes the policy for company imposed restrictions on use of water for irrigation during dry seasons when catchment and lake storage conditions are critically low.

adobe-pdf-logoWATER MANAGEMENT POLICY_Water Restrictions_Above Dam

Environmental Management – FEP & Auditing Fee – Fee Charging Model
This policy specifies the charging regime associated with the preparation and administration of the OWL Farm Environment Plans and associated work streams including Farm Management Plans and Audits by external parties.

adobe-pdf-logoEnvironmental Policy_FEP Audit Charging

Environmental Management – FEP Auditing – Non-Compliant Audits
This policy specifies the approach Opuha Water Limited (OWL) will take in addressing non-compliant Audits of OWL shareholder and water users Farm Environment Plans (FEPs).  The purpose of the policy is to ensure consistency of action taken by OWL in response to non-compliant Audits.
adobe-pdf-logoEnvironmental Policy – Non-compliant Audits

Policy Documents
These policies outline the conditions entered into with each of the irrigation schemes merged into OWL on company restructure.

adobe-pdf-logoPolicy Document – K Shares
adobe-pdf-logoPolicy Document – L Shares
adobe-pdf-logoPolicy Document – T Shares